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Photo: Howie Choo

Teams at the Subaru Action Asia Challenge showed plenty of drive

Photo: Howie Choo

A month before the Taiwan Challenge (see previous report), the Subaru Action Asia Challenge Singapore saw another Pedro Ribeiro victory, this time with Singapore-based Greg Shand as his teammate. They were made to work for their victory though, chased to the line by local boys Alvin Lim and Yeo Kim Hong of Team Adventure in Motion and by Hong Kong’s Schmucknuckles, with less than five minutes separating the first three teams.

Earlier, the elite Taiwanese team Exustar had set the pace but had had terrible luck when they snapped a chain on the bike section. They didn’t lose heart though, finding a piece of rope to tie both bikes together and taking it in turns pulling each other just to be able to finish – a great testament to their strength and competitive spirit.

Photo: Howie Choo

As ever, that spirit was much in evidence all through the field and here we reprint extracts from two race accounts written by athletes who finished lower down in the rankings but gave their all on the day.

Race reaction

“I should practice more mountain biking. It’s really pathetic – I was scared of the steep uphill and downhill and had to get off the bike. Ned [Philips] grabbed both bikes and said “Run, Mika, Run!” I became Forrest Gump. Ned was running as well, pushing two bikes.

Photo: Howie Choo

I was so pleased when we finally came out of the off-road section. I shifted to the big chain ring and stepped on the pedal hard. Hurray!!! The traffic was completely closed for us too. I kept bowing to the police and saying ’thank you’ in appreciation. They answered with smiles.

I was a bit nervous before jumping from Esplanade Bridge into the water. We got over the fence and held hands, “1, 2, 3!” SPLASH!! Yippeeeee!! I cannot remember the last time I laughed so much. It was definitely an awesome moment and I wanted to do it again, right away! Ned said it was so cool to see how much I enjoyed it. I felt I had wasted so much of my life without having jumped from bridges.”

Photo: Howie Choo

By Mika Kume

“In the military we like to say, ’We do more before breakfast than most people do all day’ – this was certainly true for me.

By the time some people had finished enjoying a leisurely brunch at the Fullerton Hotel, my teammate and I had spent 7.5hrs running, biking, swimming, rappelling, kayaking, zip-lining and paddling more than 60km.

The support we got from the volunteers was incredible – they were so energetic and cheerful I couldn’t help but smile and speed up even though I felt like quitting occasionally. Also, the policemen directing traffic were fabulous – I felt like such a celebrity when they stopped traffic so I could cross the road without slowing down. 

Photo: Howie Choo

Rappelling and zip-lining off the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and jumping off the Esplanade Bridge are definitely going to be highlights of my assignment here in Singapore. I can’t wait until next year to do it again.”

By Major Cindy Parliment



1 Subaru – Pedro Pedro Ribeiro, Greg Shand      4:51:52

2 Adventure in Motion – Alvin Lim, Yeo Kim Hong 4:53:11

3 Schmucknuckles – Kurt Lynn, Matt McLaughlin   4:56:18



1 Whinge n’ Moan – Adrian Emmet, Sabrina Schwarz      5:54:38

2 Ferrell Dog – Keith and Annika Ferrell              5:59:30

3 Terrapin – Christa Conner, Andrew Nash-Webber       6:02:01


1 Angels – Rina Ho, Rebecca Lee     6:17:54

2 SART Gal Pals – Esther Tan Cheng Yin, Jasmine Wong Wai Yen      6:33:05

3 Yeying – Wiwin Leung, Lam Lai Po  6:37:55