Chasing ghosts and dreams

The Tibetan Plateau of Western China is home to a host of unclimbed 6,000-metre peaks and a culture that believes in elemental powers that...
Climbing Gamlang Razi_8

A measure of certainty

Have a team of American and Burmese climbers just made the first ascent of the highest peak in Southeast Asia?
Everest Summit Ridge

Heights of ambition

Summitting Everest is the pinnacle of many climbers’ lives, but one Hong Kong-based mountaineer followed it by scaling next-door Lhotse too

Figuring it out

Commit first, a young Jimmy Chin was told, then work it out from there, and the adventurer, photographer and filmmaker has lived by that advice ever since

The adventure grand slam

Think you'll seen and done it all in Asia? If you can't count the 12 experiences that follow among your highlights then think again....

Perfect pitches

Having inspired artists for generations, Yangshuo sublime karst scenery is now turning on climbers and other adventure-seekers Bob Keaty The Chinese say, “Although Guilin has the...

Davao City – Queen of the south

One of the Philippines most laid-back cities is your base for exploring the country's highest peak and plenty more besides Chip Childers & Steve White Even...

Adventure capitals – all-star karst

For those that want to do more than sit and gaze at the classically Chinese landscape of Guangxi province, this little town has all...
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Viper - Cat Tien

Cat Tien National Park

It’s just getting light as I walk out the front gate of the Forest Floor Lodge.

Adventure capitals: Dalat

By Steve White Built by the French in colonial days as a hill station hideaway from the heat of lower altitudes, today Dalat is the...
Mark Tokong AKA Marama

Local hero: John Mark ‘Marama’ Tokong

Born on Siargao Island, the Philippines’ surf capital, Marama started surfing at 6-years-old. He had a good mentor: his uncle Rodolfo ‘Usot’ Alcala, three-time...
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