Editorial guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Action Asia. We do accept unsolicited submissions but please note the following points on the content:

  • It should be based in Asia (though we stretch the definition to take in Australia, NZ, Siberia, Central Asia, Indian Ocean islands and even parts of the Middle East).
  • It should be adventure-based – bikes and hikes, not buses and trains; boarding in the surf, not boarding a cruise. We also prefer activities that are participatory – amateur, rather than pro surf or kite contests, for example.
  • Great pictures are crucial – ideally you have both text and photos, though on occasion we run gallery-style features with simply an intro and captions. Pics need to be available at 300dpi, of course, to be good enough to print.
  • It should be as edgy and off-the-beaten-track as possible eg. no general travelogues on the ‘adventure’ of discovering Thailand please. It has been discovered. Tell me how you biked the coastline or helped open up new climbing routes.
  • We are most interested in material for feature-length stories (6 pages +) but we accept ideas for regular departments and other sections of the magazine too.

If you have a story that fits these requirements, we’re all ears. Please send the text and some sample low res pics to aa@bluincmedia.com and we will try to respond as soon as magazine schedules allow. Thank you.


Steve White