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Get inspired and inspire others with ActionAsia

Find out. Get inspired. Delve into. The three most important points in one healthy vacation. The goal of any holiday is to relax and enjoy. All this is possible. Just let yourself enjoy it to the fullest.

Three points – the key to a good holiday

ActionAsia operates with the goal of benefiting humanity. The primary benefit lies in the fulfillment of desires. ActionAsia owns three functions at once.

  • Learn;
  • Get inspired;
  • Delve into!

Functions are provided to users for the purpose of full enjoyment. Let’s talk about everything in order.

Find out! ActionAsia is happy to provide customers with all the information they need. Knowing important data and features reduces the risk of failure. Any person before the beginning of planning goes deep into the process of studying. All the necessary information is available here and now.

Inspire! Personal inspiration is one of the benefits of sports recreation. In addition, you can share your hobbies with relatives and friends. Nothing can be better than sharing your own inspiration with others. Share positive emotions. Get a positive response.

Delve into! Become a part of a huge travel-sports world family. You gain the opportunity every day to be involved in incredibly exciting events. Once you try it, you won’t be able to forget it again.

Benefits of Sports Traveling

Traveling is everyone’s dream. Sport is an integral part of the life of the majority. Combining, we get the perfect option. Traveling while doing sports activities opens up a new world. What other benefits exist?

  • Easy working attitude;
  • Maintaining body tone;
  • Emotional uplift and good mood;
  • Enrichment of blood with oxygen;
  • Distraction from daily problems;
  • Discharge of brain activity;
  • Increased physical development;
  • Expanding horizons;
  • Opening of new spaces and extensions;
  • Endurance Boost!

This list can be continued indefinitely. Most importantly, the benefits definitely contribute to a positive choice in favor of sports travel.

What Action Asia offers

The resource offers are incredibly endless. It is impossible to describe the possibilities in a nutshell. The Asia-Pacific region is rich in unexplored and incredible places. Most of them are presented here. Now we are ready to share with you the schedule of the most popular Asian spring-summer events.

Date Month Event Features Region
27-29 April Altra 100 Trail run – 10/30/50/100km Philippines
27-29 April Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji Trail run – 170km Japan
28-30 April Yading Skyrunning Festival  Trail run – 7/29/46km China
12-13 May Penang Eco 100 30/50/100km Malaysia
12-13 May Induro Yogyakarta Race  Mountain biking Indonesia
19-20 May SwimRun Series: Sai Kung  Swim/Trail run Hong Kong
2-7 June Xtrail Kanas Trail Running Race  300/600km multi-sport China
14-17 June ITE Hong Kong  Tradeshow Hong Kong
14-15 July Action Asia  3-day Ultra Marathon Mongolia
22-25 July Mantra Summits Challenge  Trail run – 15/30/50/75km Indonesia


Just imagine all the program variety. Your attention is presented to the approximate schedule of one season spring-summer. The event list is far from complete. It is difficult to even think about a full-fledged annual season. The event number is amazing, pleasing and shocking at the same time.

ActionAsia team goes above and beyond

Here we have assembled a wonderful team of the best authors, photographers and bloggers. Every day they share their own vision of the world with users. The writers focus on the striking features of each place in the Asia-Pacific region. Quality images from good photographers garner many breathtaking views.

Opportunities for outdoor activities lure all lovers of extreme sports and travel. Here you can get acquainted with little-known paths. They will lead to the most secret continent places.

  • Writers’ task is to describe the incredible regions beauty;
  • Photographers’ task is to realize high-quality places photographs;
  • Bloggers’ task is to talk about the practical active travel experience;
  • ThReaders’e task s is to enjoy practical information and experience desires!

Many issues for different months are available to readers. It is they who will open the hidden world of pleasure and beauty. Having received the necessary and important information, you will never be able to live as before.

Now all readers can think about are colorful journeys in the Asia-Pacific continent.

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