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Everest has found a personal Hong Kong on the peaks

John Tsang Chi-sing set a goal and achieved it. He became the first from Hong Kong to climb the height of the mountains.

The history of the climber’s feat

A few months ago the goal was set. The climber decided to become the first in history. The wish came true — many months of endurance training and physical improvement. The efforts have paid off. At the end of May, namely on the 29th, the ascent of Everest was successfully implemented. 8848 meters in height obeyed a Hong Kong resident.

Subsequent mountain exploits

The first ascent did not limit the climber’s career. Later, a series of conquests of Everest followed. It is worth mentioning the almost fifty-day expedition. The campaign lasted more than 7 weeks and covered a territory of more than 40 square kilometers. The northeastern ridge became the main location.

Then for the second time, John Tsang Chi-sing fulfilled his purpose. Half a year later, the Chinese used the South-Eastern Ridge. Then he became the third Chinese who entered the mountain top.

Difficulties faced by John Tsang Chi-sing

The path to your dreams is never easy. Difficulties and unforeseen situations always arise. John Tsang Chi-sing couldn’t get past them either. Weather conditions and physical exhaustion are classic problems. They may not even be taken into account. The Chinese shared his personal experiences. Among some is an encounter with the dead bodies of climbers. Some never realized their dream.

The greatest shock for our hero was the loss of a comrade. A few hours before the feat, John befriended a climber from Japan. They even walked several hundred meters together. A couple of hours later, a distress signal was received from the Japanese. Tsang heard this signal. He couldn’t even think of the worst. After the triumph, it became known about the death of the Japanese.

Challenges Behind Triumphs

Victories and triumphs are always on the lips of people. No one ever thinks about the other side of such an experience. Do not forget – reinforced concrete efforts and nerves stand behind the victories.

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