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Free participation in the Tengri Trail is the dream

East Kazakhstan and its nature. You can’t think of anything better for a runner. The unusual landscape of the running field is striking at first sight.

What is Tengri Ultra Trail?

You are offered a cross-country race along a picturesque river. You could never refuse. The eastern part of Kazakhstan falls in love with itself at once. The Tengri Trail race is not only an opportunity to test physical abilities. Endless expanses and magnificent river views reinforce love even more.

Features of the Kazakh race

Freedom and space are the motto of the Tengri Ultra. Asphalt is long gone. This does not surprise anyone. Green fields and flowery lawns are the future of the natural world.

Factor Peculiarity
Location Ili river valley, 100 km from Almaty
Venue Tamgaly Tas
Points 100 finisher
Relief gravel ways, rocky canyons, sandy and grass paths


The Tengri Ultra race is considered a marathon. It lasts two days, in mid-May. Performances are presented in three categories:

Category Feature Time
Sprint 10 kilometers 3 hours
Trail 25 kilometers 6 hours
Ultra 50 kilometers 10 hours


In addition to excellent coverage and magnificent natural views, participants enjoy many attractions in East Kazakhstan.

Registration fees do not apply to prize winners

Participation rules are usually published a couple of months before the start of the event. A special topic is registration fees.

They are pretty big, by the way. The right to receive free participation is valued even more when looking at the table:

Numbers up to the end date
Category Feature Fee/person
Sprint 10 kilometers 1500 tenge
Trail 25 kilometers 2000 tenge
Ultra 50 kilometers 4000 tenge


Cash amounts change dramatically after the reporting date

Numbers following the end date
Category Feature Fee/person
Sprint 10 km 2000 tenge
Trail 25 km 4000 tenge
Ultra 50 km 6000 tenge


Lucky Prize Winners

The prize goes to four victors aged 18 to 100 years. The reward includes a round trip.

In general, the winners will receive airfare, race entry, ground transfers, camping, racing tokens, food and drink, and sportswear from a sponsor.

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