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David Simpat’s debut victory at the Ultra Trail Marathon

Many athletes spend more than one season in order to prepare and train for competitions. Marathons are submitted far from the first time even to the most promising athletes. The Colourcoil Borneo Ultramarathon is not an easy event. David managed to tame a difficult dragon.

The new rising star of the sport

Simpat was far from the most famous favorite of the race. Few knew his last name. One incident changed the situation. Winning the marathon made him a star in the world of running. Malaysia has found a new championship in a rather unexpected format.

Colourcoil Borneo Ultra Trail marathon conquered triumphantly

The race track runs along the incredibly landscaped slopes of Southeast Asia. Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia is a place of energy and strength for many people. David Simpat set himself the goal of winning and realized it. It was his first time running a 100k race.

The athlete was able to finish in a little more than 15 hours. Fifteen hours, five minutes, and five seconds, to be exact. Before the solo run, David was a Champion System Adventure Team member. 50 kilometers is the maximum distance that the runner conquered.

The feat is difficult but real

No one could have imagined such a triumphant result. The first 100 km exit and the first victory. Units managed to do this in history. This is further evidence that history is being created right before our eyes right now. Simpat’s main opponent was Ullasa Narayanu of Singapur.

For a long time during the race, they walked on an equal footing. Everything was decided by the last section of the route. David managed to take the lead and finish 11 minutes 30 seconds early.

Difficulties make athletes stronger

The victory was hard and well-deserved. Fierce competition pressed psychologically, and the new conditions of trail running complicated the process.

All this did not prevent him from making a historic feat. It is impossible to imagine how much effort it takes to conquer a route of 100 kilometers with a slope level of more than 5 thousand meters.

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