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Asian Windsurfing Tour – Saipan

A regular event of the Asia Tour is Saipan windsurfing. Indonesia, Taiwan, Pacific Ocean. Untouched nature, unique plants and animals, and incredible party fun. Everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

A unique island creates a unique atmosphere

Windsurfing is a rather extreme and unusual activity. This is not football, where it is easy to organize the necessary conditions. Saipan is the perfect place. Clear water all around. Pristine natural beaches of the Mariana Islands. The heart of the ocean is here.

Initially, the island was attractive to tourists looking for warmth during the cold season. The increase in demand contributed to the development of other areas. One day, windsurfing came to this location. And it didn’t disappear again.


The original windsurfing in Saipan

The first organizer of sports competitions was Shigeru Tomita. He came here several decades ago. His goal was to take a break from his past work. Having tried this sport once, he could no longer live without it. Since then, since 1972, every year surfers from six countries come here.

The first races lasted three days. Now the event can be from 2 to 5 days. The Asian Tour, of which the competition is a part, takes place every year. The tournament is the oldest event of its kind on the planet.

Asian Windsurfing Tour Highlights

Each year the event brings juicy features and events to the history of the discipline. The final season has changed the regional map. Three-time Japanese champion Noriyuki Sirova lost his title. Three years in a row, the first place brought him a prize amount of just over $3,000. This was an unexpected turn of events. New opponents forced the sporting order to change.

Changes in the world sports order

The vibrant season marked the beginning of a new era in nautical sports. Formidable opponents met at a distance. The best Hawaii sailors – Kevin and Matt Pritchard – decided to try their hand. Jimmy Diaz, Thomas Larson, Robbie Radis, Roberto Hoffman, and 10 more professionals.

Saipan beauty attracts more and more

You can’t deny yourself the pleasure. Enjoy incredible views. Favorite windsurfer. The combination of all factors creates an unforgettable outdoor activity.


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